About our Auditing Service

Sylvia A Consultancy provides support and education on food safety regulations. Our primary goal is to ensure that they adhere to the highest standards of daily practices, complying with the most current legislation.

Sylvia designs bespoke, comprehensive auditing services for Sylvia A Consultancy, which is then tailored for clients. This is evaluated against industry-standards weighted criteria covering:

  • Structure and Equipment – including premises, cleaning, refuse disposal and pest control.
  • Hygiene Practices – including contamination hazards, temperature control, personal hygiene
    and food storage.
  • Confidence in Management – including food safety management systems, due diligence
    records and training.

The business owner is then provided with a score, a detailed action plan on areas of improvement and photographic evidence aligned to each score, ensuring their business is legally compliant and exhibiting best practices.

Anderson Food Hygiene EHO Inspection

Why choose our service

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We are:

  • Our client’s safety net: We offer a personalised auditing service and become an integral part of our client’s team, collaborating to tailor our auditing services to meet their business requirements to achieve a 5-star food hygiene rating.
  • Always accessible: Being available is a crucial factor especially when businesses are at risk of failing their hygiene rating and facing potential closure. We are available to offer advice to neutralise any risk of catastrophic food safety issues for their business.
  • Developers of custom solutions: We raise our client’s business standards by conducting thorough audits, identifying issues, and providing solutions through re-training, policy updates, and developing their food safety management system.
  • Knowledgeable specialists: Our extensive knowledge and technical expertise, qualifications as a chef, and experience rising through the kitchen brigade to head chef make us a preferred choice for clients seeking a dedicated food safety auditor.
Food safety and hygiene audit
Performing food safety audits is crucial for every food business. Regular audits ensure legal compliance, protect your reputation and ensure effective management of your food safety system by you and your team. Our proactive approach of consistent evaluation helps to identify potential issues and implement corrective measures to prevent adverse impacts on your business and customers. As our audits are based on industry-standard weighted criteria, our reviews bring about the best outcomes and transparent communication to build a nurturing, trusting relationship for business excellence between our clients and us.
Health and Safety Audit

Conducting an Audit for your business is something you should do on a regular basis to ensure you remain compliant. Our Health and Safety Audits are delivered by our Professional and Experienced Consultants who will come and visit your premises and review the safety of your customers and your employees against industry-standard weighted criteria. It is an expert assessment your organisation’s health and safety policies, systems and procedures.