• Does Your Food Business Have a Low Food Hygiene Rating (and you need help?)

    Sylvia Anderson is award winning food safety expert winning Best Food Safety Auditor, UK, 2021 for always achieving a 5 Star Food Hygiene Rating for her clients.

  • Top 10 Kitchen Safety Tips at Home… The Do’s and Don’ts

    Top 10 kitchen safety tips when you prepare and cook food at home for you and your family, the do's and don'ts.

  • Why Is Food Allergen Control So Important?

    There have been a few high profile news stories recently about allergens not being adequately labelled in fast food outlets and restaurants.

  • Why Food Hygiene is Important

    How to check the restaurant's food hygiene rating before you go out to eat.

  • Food Hygiene Rating

    Eating out? How to check your restaurant’s rating before you go.

    How to check the restaurants's food hygiene rating before you go out to eat.

  • The Allergens Banner

    Why Is Food Allergen Awareness and Training Important For Your Business

    The importance to implement a Food Allergens Training Matrix and Food Allergens Training for your catering business by Sylvia A Consultancy.

  • Coloured Chopping Boards

    Why Coloured Chopping Boards Are Important To Prevent Cross Contamination

    How to prevent cross contamination by using the correct coloured chopping board in a professional kitchen. Food Safety Blog Tips by Sylvia Anderson.

  • person writing notes on a piece of paper

    What You Need To Do To Maintain A 5-Star Food Hygiene Rating

    Key areas to maintain a 5 star food hygiene rating by Sylvia Anderson, the Food Hygiene Expert! Based in Wimbledon, London, we also work across the UK.

  • Healthy BBQ preparation tips

    BBQ Summer Tips 2019

    Food Hygiene Expert and Food Safety Consultant Sylvia Anderson shares her 5 Top Tips to hosting a successful and safe BBQ this summer.

  • Sample food hygiene rating system

    Food Hygiene Ratings Explained

    If you're looking for more training when it comes to food hygiene, why not contact us today? We can help you achieve a higher food hygiene rating.

  • Sample food hygiene rating system

    How To Improve Your Food Hygiene Rating

    How to Improve your Food Hygiene Rating? We might have the details that you are specifically looking for. Further details are on the webpage, Visit Us Today!

  • Newly Cooked spaghetti on a pan

    How can food hygiene training benefit your business?

    How can food hygiene training benefit your business? Our courses have no other purpose than to educate our valued attendees. Join one of our courses today!