Food Safety and Hygiene Audits

Food Safety Audit

Conducting Food Safety Audits is essential for any food business. Regular audits help maintain compliance, safeguard your reputation, and ensure that you and your team are effectively managing your food safety management system.

By consistently evaluating and improving your processes, you can identify potential issues early on and take corrective actions to prevent any negative impacts on your business and customers.

These audits not only demonstrate your commitment to providing safe and high-quality food but also contribute to building trust among your customers and the Food Inspector.

Our food safety audit process is highly thorough, providing a comprehensive review of your food-business premises based on industry-standard weighted criteria.

We create customised food safety reports for your business, complete with an industry-standard weighted score. These reports include a detailed action plan for areas of improvement, accompanied by photographic evidence linked to each score. This visual representation helps you, as the business owner, better understand the issues and manage your Food Hygiene Rating expectations.

Additionally, we provide thorough Health and Safety Audits to ensure ongoing compliance for your business.

Specifically, our Professional Team of Experienced Food Hygiene Experts and Consultants will visit your food premises and review…


  • This section covers do you have a Food Safety Management System and HACCP. Is there a HACCP available and is it implemented. Are all food safety records correctly maintained? Have all staff received Food Hygiene and Allergen Training?


  • This section covers Structure, Premises, Pest Control, Cleaning & Disinfection and Waste Management.


  • This section covers the hygiene practices of the chefs from farm to fork. contamination hazards, temperature controls, training, allergen contamination, storage.

  • We offer MOCK EHO Inspections to give you support, advice and training in real time on how you would do with the Environmental Health Officers.¬†

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