Achieving a 5 Star Food Hygiene Rating

The law requires that you maintain a high standard of Food Safety within your business. Environmental Health Officers ensure that acceptable standards are maintained and punish those who fall below the legal requirement.  In order to ensure that your business complies fully with all the relevant regulations and so that any problems can be addressed before they become a serious issue, it is recommended that you undertake periodic Food Hygiene audits; ensure your team are trained to competently carry out their role and you have a food safety management system in place.

What we do

Sylvia A Consultancy provide a fresh, impartial perspective on all your food safety management systems in place in your food business.

We assess compliance with current legislation and codes of practice, audit your premises and inspect your current procedures and documentation. We will provide you with a detailed review on the requirements required to achieve a 5 Star Food Hygiene Rating for your business!


A good reputation takes time to build; one case of food poisoning can seriously affect your public image, and your business. In extreme cases, it could even shut your business down – don’t leave it to chance should the worst happen, be sure to have a plan in place.

Food Safety Audits

HACCP Development

Food Safety Manuals

EHO Inspection Support

Food Poisoning Allegations