Food Safety Consultancy

Food Safety Management Systems


Our team of Food Hygiene and Safety Experts and Consultants collaborates closely with you to generate tailored documentation that reinforces your Food Safety Management System. This documentation encompasses the latest regulations and optimal practices to ensure the utmost compliance and excellence.

Food Safety Policies or Food Safety Management Systems are the common terms for HACCP documentation. In accordance with regulations, all types of food establishments are obligated to establish and uphold documented protocols founded on the principles of HACCP, which stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points.

About our food safety management systems

At Sylvia A Consultancy, our focus lies in providing exclusively customised and meticulously designed food safety management systems and policies, catering to the unique needs of each of our clients. Our HACCP plans are articulated in straightforward language, ensuring clear comprehension on your part.

We provide you with a straightforward food safety policy, crafted for easy compliance and implementation. This includes clearly outlined protocols and meticulously maintained monitoring records, offering crucial proof of your thorough food safety supervision throughout the entire process from farm to fork.

Our Food Safety Management System (HACCP) is a very comprehensive working document that will be completely tailored to your business and will cover the following elements:–

  • A complete Hazard Analysis from farm to fork.

  • A tailored Food Safety Policy.

  • A Cleaning Schedule for Equipment and Structure.

  • Opening and Closing Checks.

  • Quality Standards.