Health & Safety Consultancy

Creating a safe health and safety workplace

Whether you own a small food business, a large corporation or multiple sites across the UK, Sylvia A Consultancy can provide you with the exact level of health and safety support you need.

If you have more than 5 employees working within your business, you will need to have a documented Health and Safety Policy which includes your Health and Safety and Fire Risk Assessments.  These policies and assessments must be bespoke to your business and cover elements where relevant like manual handling; pressurised systems; asbestos etc.

What we do – Health and Safety Consultants

Our Health and Safety Consultants come from a variety of backgrounds and are members of professional bodies giving them both expert knowledge and industry experience.  Our role is to develop tailored solutions to your business including detailed inspections of your premises, identifying areas of non-compliance and potential hazards and recommending appropriate control measures.

Whatever the size of your business we can provide the right level of health and safety training support so get in touch today to find out more.

Health & Safety Audits

Health & Safety Policies

Health & Safety Risk Assessments

Fire Risk Assessments