Health Safety Consultancy

Health and Safety Policies

Our Health and Safety Policies are comprehensive working documents which are completely aligned to your business to ensure you remain compliant eliminating hazards from work activities and assessing and ensuring adequate control of all associated risks.

They include policies and procedures and monitoring forms, relevant posters and other government information.

We then drill down into the core of your business and ensure elements like accidents and ill health, slips and trips, health and safety law, risk assessments, hazardous substances, personal protective equipment, vehicles at work, fire safety, first aid, work equipment, electricity, occupational health, noise and vibration, ergonomics, manual handling, working at heights and workplace health, safety and welfare are implemented, procedures are followed, reviewed and documented correctly.

If you would like to know more about whether your business is Health and Safety compliant or would like to discuss your individual requirements for your health and safety policy development, then please get in touch today.

Depending on the size of your business, each bespoke and tailored policy aims to cover the following key areas:-

  • Accident Reporting

  • Employee Groups

  • Employee Health

  • First Aid

  • Hazards

  • Health and Safety Alerts

  • Health and Safety Policy

  • Health and Safety Internal and External Posters

  • Occupational Health

  • Workplace Assessments

  • Safety Representatives and Training