Previously, we relied on a prominent food safety company that ultimately let us down. They assured us that our processes were safe, but it turned out the bacteria it produced posed a serious health risk. Our confidence was shattered when the Environmental Health Officer awarded us a dismal 1-star rating, despite investing in specialist consultancy services.

In my quest for a better solution, I came across Sylvia online. After speaking with her, it was clear that she understood our situation and would be actively involved in helping us. With Sylvia’s expert guidance, we made significant improvements to our practices and achieved a 5-star food hygiene rating.

Sylvia is always quick to address any questions or concerns we have. Whenever we introduce new techniques, she diligently researches and advises us on the best practices. What sets Sylvia apart is the ongoing relationship we’ve built with her. Unlike the revolving door of anonymous company representatives, we see her regularly, which fosters trust and continuity. Additionally, her sense of humour is a valuable asset in a field as stressful as food safety, especially with the anxiety inducing EHO visits.

This year we launched two new ventures. Sylvia created our food safety and health & safety management systems and conducts our auditing and training at Hiccehart and Little Pizza Hicce.

We secured a 5-star food hygiene rating as soon as we opened. We have also completed Level 3 food safety training with distinctions, also first aid and health & safety training.

Sylvia’s knowledge extends beyond the rule book; she truly understands the restaurant side of our business. She empathises with our team and consistently puts in hard work. I wholeheartedly recommend her services.

Pip Lacey
Founder and Owner
Little Pizza Hicce

Published On: November 13th, 2023