Further Information

Awarding Body: 

Highfield Qualification

Course Duration: 

3 day programme


2 hour, 60 question, multiple choice exam at the end of the course  (+40 correct answers to achieve a pass)


It is recommended that candidates have already gained basic food safety knowledge. Preferably, Level 2 Food Safety in the past 3 years

Refreshment of this course is recommended every 3 years

Overview and Benefits

This course is recommended for food handlers and other employees involved in food preparation and service who work within the catering industry.  It is especially useful for those involved in maintaining HACCP in a catering environment, and for those who are or will be part of a HACCP team.

HACCP is regarded by the Food Standards Agency as being important to maintaining good practice in the production of safe food. This course allows the learner to be able to recognise and define common HACCP terms and state the principles of HACCP, recognise the need for a systematic approach for food safety management, outline the stages involved in implementing HACCP in a catering environment.  Particularly useful for those within the catering industry who are involved in the day to day maintenance of their HACCP controls or form part of the HACCP team for their business.

Course Content

This course will cover:

  • Principles of HACCP;
  • Food Safety Management System;
  • How to implement the principles of HACCP within their business;
  • Identifying common food hazards and controls required;
  • Critical control points, limits and target levels;
  • How to use their HACCP Documentation to monitor, verify and complete corrective actions within their business on a daily basis.
Course Objectives

This qualification will enable successful candidates to:

  • Become part of the team involved in maintaining the principles of HACCP within their business on a daily basis;
  • Understand how to verify, review and document HACCP systems in a catering environment;
  • Identify the hazards (microbiological, physical, chemical and allergenic) within their business and what controls are required;
  • List the 7 principles of HACCP as defined by CODEX.