Further Information

Awarding Body: 

Highfield Qualification

Course Duration: 

6 hours guided learning (1 day)


The examination for this qualification contains 15 questions that must be completed within 30 minutes. Successful learners will have to demonstrate knowledge and understanding across the qualification syllabus and achieve a minimum pass mark of 60%.


Highfield Level 2 Award in the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (RQF)
Highfield Level 2 Award in Health and Safety within the Workplace (RQF)

Overview and Benefits

This qualification is designed to prepare learners to progress into further/higher level training and is designed to provide learners with an awareness of the benefits of risk assessment in any environment.

This qualification provides learners with an understanding of the responsibilities of employers; the main causes and costs of work-related fatalities, injuries and ill-health; the role of risk assessment in the prevention of accidents and ill-health; the requirements of a risk assessment; a process for undertaking a risk assessment; and a method to evaluate risk.

Course Content

This course will cover:

  • How risk assessments maintain and improve standards of health and safety at work;
  • Principles of risk assessment.
Course Objectives

This qualification will enable successful candidates to:

  • Define key terms associated with risk assessment in the context of health and safety at work;
  • Identify employer’s duties in relation to risk assessment;
  • State the main causes of work-related fatalities, injuries and ill health;
  • Outline the requirements to undertake a risk assessment;
  • Describe a simple process to risk assessment;
  • Outline the use of the hierarchy of controls;
  • Outline a simple method to evaluate risk.