We have partnered with Typsy to bring about more accessible training on handling of food hygiene from all scales and sectors. We are committed to enhancing professionals’ competencies worldwide and ultimately excellence in hospitality, through our thorough coaching and Typsy’s widespread infrastructure. Click here to view our work. (Typsy testimonials).

About Typsy


The Handling Food Safely in Retail online course is aimed at any retail staff who handle, prepare or serve food products. Our course covers the following areas:

Typsy, headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, operates as an online learning experience platform that boasts a carefully curated collection of concise video lessons featuring industry experts worldwide.

Typsy extends its reach globally, offering an extensive library of online video courses accessible in various regions such as the UK, Europe, Asia Pacific and North America.

Their primary mission revolves around aiding professionals in the hospitality industry by enhancing their competencies in diverse domains, both back-of-house and front-of-house.

Typsy is a simple-to-use online education platform containing over 1000 expert-led lessons, courses, quizzes and certificates. People using their own devices can watch and earn these online anywhere, anytime.

Every month, more than 1 million video lessons are watched on Typsy.

Why we partnered with Typsy

Typsy identified a gap in the market for an excellent online Handling Food Safely in Retail training series. Most existing courses are aimed at chefs and kitchen staff rather than the front-of-house staff managing food, like the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) sector.

They were looking for a trainer with credibility, relevance, engagement in front of a camera, and authority in this subject matter.

Earlier this year, Typsy reached out to us.

After successfully passing the selection process, Sylvia utilised her food safety expertise to collaborate with the Melbourne team for several months, creating the content for a customised 11-episode course titled ‘Handling Food Safely in Retail’. The course was recorded in a single day with the assistance of a film crew.

We are all immensely proud of our accomplishments – it is our first time launching a successful new global product for food safety in retail.

In the period since its release in June 2023, Sylvia’s Handling Food Safely in Retail course has been the 13th most completed course in the Typsy library (for context their library has 192 courses).