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Food Hygiene Rating


Need to know more about Food Safety for your business? Sylvia Anderson, The Food Hygiene Expert at Sylvia A Consultancy is launching a Bespoken Brand New Course ‘How to Achieve a 5 Star Food Hygiene Rating’. This one day open course will be running at our training centre in Wimbledon, London or can be delivered in-house at your premises.

Sylvia A Consultancy are multi-award winning Consultants for the Hospitality Industry. Sylvia Anderson the Food Hygiene Expert is a first class Trainer and Auditor with 30 years’ experience winning 20 Business Awards over the last 8 years for her Training, Auditing and Consultancy Services.

Consumers are increasingly aware of the Food Hygiene Ratings with more and more checking them before choosing where to eat. Your rating has a huge impact on your business, it can be an excellent selling point when consumers can see your Food Hygiene Rating Sticker displayed on your door or window, its simple gives them confidence that your hygiene standards are excellent. A bad rating can turn away consumers because they will feel no confidence in your establishment as they do not want to have Food Poisoning. A low rating means loss of sales, bad reputation, lower profits and perhaps closure of your food business, so let Sylvia and her team help you achieve your highest rating for food hygiene and give you a good reputation, increased sales, higher profits and happy customers.

The Rating is an important Food Safety initiative for your business, so it is important to do the necessary work to achieve a top score, this applies for restaurants, hotels, pubs, bars, cafes, schools, colleges, supermarkets and anywhere you can buy food from.

With more councils publishing the results of their inspections on-line and scoring food businesses on their food safety results, it is more important than ever for your business to be prepared when the Environmental Health Officer (EHO) pays you a visit.

Sylvia Anderson is a Food Hygiene Expert for BBC 1 Watchdog, ITV, Channel 4, a Guest Speaker for the Guardian Newspaper and BBC Radio. Sylvia works constantly with her clients to improve or sustain a 5 Star Food Hygiene Rating though Auditing, Training, developing their Food Safety Management Systems (HACCP) so they are prepared when the Environmental Health Officer visits their premises and achieves a Level 5 in their Rating.

Course Title – ‘How to Achieve and Maintain a 5 Star Food Hygiene Rating’ by The Food Hygiene Expert

This one day course is suitable for all Head Chefs, Sous Chefs, Food Business Owners, Managers, Food Handlers who are looking to improving their hygiene rating and achieve the highest rating score under the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme. The course aim is to provide all delegates a through understanding of how the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme works so that the knowledge can be applied in their own food business, aiming towards improving, achieving and maintaining a 5 star food hygiene rating and keeping their food business safe.

Overview and Benefits

To provide all levels of food handlers with clear guidance and knowledge how to prepare for a food hygiene inspection ensuring compliance with food safety legislation, how to implement food safety management procedures and the application of monitoring of good practice so to improve the food hygiene rating and achieve the highest rating score under the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme.

Course Content

The course topics will include;

  • Introduction to Food Safety Management
  • The Food Hygiene Rating Scheme
  • How to Achieve a 5 Star Food Hygiene Rating
  • How to Achieve the 3 Key Elements in Attaining a Level 5
    • How Hygienically is Food Handled from Farm to Fork
    • Condition of the Structure of the Premises and Building
    • How to Manage Your Food Safety Management System and Keep Records on How You Keep Food Safe
  • Guidance on E.coli and Burgers
  • Guidance on Contamination including Allergies
  • Guidance on Food Preparation Areas
  • Guidance on Cooking Temperatures
  • Guidance on High Risk Foods
  • Guidance on Eggs
  • Guidance on Oysters
  • Guidance on Pest Management
  • Requirements for Food Preparation Areas
  • Food Safety Legislation

Course Objectives

This course will enable successful delegates to;

  • Understand the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme Scoring System
  • Have the Knowledge What Needs to Be Implemented in Order to Achieve the Highest Level for Their Food Hygiene Business
  • Understand the Requirements in Achieving and Maintaining a 5 Star Food Hygiene Rating
  • Outline Actions Required for Food Hygiene of Food Handlers from Farm to Fork, Condition of Structure and How to Manage and Document Food Safety.

Further Information

Cost                                                      £95 plus VAT (open course)

Email for an in-house quote

Course Duration                               1 day


Prerequisite:                                      None.