As hospitality and catering businesses gradually begin to emerge from the COVID-19 crisis, there is more need than ever to ensure best practices are adhered to in order to ensure the hygiene and safety of your employees, customers, suppliers and contractors.

Sylvia A Consultancy are award-winning experts in all aspects of food hygiene and health and safety services. We are perfectly placed to take control of these issues and provide your business with the safety it needs at this time.

Our new Safe to Serve – COVID-19 Safe Certified Service has been created by our fully qualified experts in direct response to the recent COVID-19 virus pandemic. The service is fully aligned with Government regulations and will ensure that you and your business remain Safe to Serve – Covid-19 Certified, giving you the peace of mind of you need in order to focus your time on getting things back to normal.

Our new Safe to Serve COVID-19 Safe Certified service is specially formulated for hospitality and catering businesses.

Our Services Includes

  • Comprehensive COVID-19 Assessments
  • COVID-19 Secure Hospitality eLearning Course 
  • COVID-19 Secure Certificate/Declaration
  • 24/7 COVID-19 Advice & Guidance
  • Regular Email Updates & Notifications

Register your interest with Sylvia A Consultancy to find out how your business can be Safe to Serve – COVID-19 Safe Certified and be ready to open safely.

Complete a self-assessment audit to determine where your business is in terms of COVID-19 Control measures with Sylvia A Consultancy.

Next, your business will receive a remote audit or on-site audit depending on your circumstances. Your audit will establish whether your business meets the criteria, a short visit or an online audit from one of our Hygiene and Safety Experts who will provide guidance and check that the correct Safe to Serve – COVID-19 Safe Certified Controls are in place.

Approval and Certification of Your Business, you will be given a Safe to Serve – COVID-19 Safe Certified Sticker which you can display on your premises next to your Food Hygiene Rating and your website only if your business has demonstrated full compliance with the COVID-19 Controls.

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