Food Safety System

Developing a food safety system is an enormous task for a food business. With the increasing retailer, supplier and legal requirements for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) plans, food manufacturing and processing are becoming more challenging. Most of the time, the pressure is put on the quality assurance team of a certain food business, who is the one responsible for the creation and implementation of the HACCP program development.

Because achieving and maintaining food safety or HACCP certification is a big responsibility, food companies often seek the advice and guidance of a third party food safety consultant. However, before getting a consultant, make sure that they have these credentials.

Relevant Qualifications for Food Safety Consultants

It is essential that the food safety consultant has a university degree in food technology, food microbiology or environmental health. Having someone with qualifications in food auditing in your particular industry is also suggested. The consultant should also be knowledgeable of the HACCP certification standards that the food business aims to achieve.

Previous Working Experience

The food safety consultant’s previous working experience should be considered as well. Some areas to review are the duration of their job in the similar industry where your food business belongs, their specific responsibilities in implementing and maintaining HACCP systems and a verification that their previous employment has met the same standards of the certification you want to achieve.

Know Current Trends

Food safety consultants should have knowledge of the current trends and issues affecting the food industry. They must have an updated certification of their professional development in the areas of food safety, legal compliance and food quality.

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