The food hygiene rating helps the public to choose where to eat out or purchase food by giving them information about hygiene standards in restaurants, hotels and other food establishments.

Businesses should be prepared when the Environmental Health Officer visit their kitchen to inspect and rate the food they offer. As a consumer, for you to find out whether your favourite restaurant or local cafe has achieved a good food hygiene rating you just have to download the app.

Pest control

All businesses that serve food need to have a fully managed and professional pest control system in place to ensure that your premises are free from pests. If any signs of pests are found that will affect your rating immediately. To make sure that you have an appropriate pest control measure in place, hire a professional pest control company.

Record keeping

Businesses should keep a log of all records. It’s very important that you keep your records up-to-date to achieve for a five-star rating.  must be documented properly and regular check sheets for freezer temperatures, cleaning and risk assessments and food temperature should be maintained along with your staff training files. If Environmental Health question your business policies and procedure documentation, it will immediately deduct points in your rating. That’s why it’s important to keep all those records up-to-date.

Well maintained food storage systems

Your kitchen storage system must ensure that ready-to-eat-foods and raw foods are completely separated to avoid cross-contamination. Kitchens should keep their food storage area and food preparation area clean at all times. Deliveries are commonly made in the morning, so instead of putting the food on the floor provide a rack or shelving to store the food. This will help your business to achieve a higher rating.

Personal hygiene and staff training

Food hygiene training will ensure your staff know the importance of a neat and clean kitchen, personal hygiene levels and food standards. To be able to reach a five-star food hygiene rating you need to make sure that your staff know what is expected of them and understand why.

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