Importance of Food Hygiene And Food SafetyIt is very important for food handlers in the food industry to receive food hygiene and food safety awareness training.  Your hands can easily spread germs around the kitchen and onto food that can cause food poisoning, you need to make sure that you do everything you can to prevent this.


Cross-contamination is when bacteria is spread between surfaces, food or equipment used in the kitchen. It is most likely to happen whenever raw food drips or touches onto other food, surfaces or equipment. It can occur so easily it is also, unsurprisingly, recognised as one of the most common causes of food poisoning.


Properly cleaning yourself, surfaces, equipment and where required, food can stop harmful bacteria from spreading all throughout. To prevent the spread of bacteria, your staff must thoroughly wash their hands before handling food, all equipment and surfaces must be cleaned and disinfected, Clean as you go! Clear away any spillages as you work and make sure that your equipment and surfaces are kept clean at all times.


Correctly storing food within a chilled environment can help to stop bacteria from growing. There are certain foods need to be kept chilled, such as foods with a “Use by” date as well as most ready to eat foods. Remember to ensure any chilled food is cold enough upon delivery and has not been held at a high temperature during transit. Put chilled food into the refrigeration unit ASAP.


Thoroughly cooking food kills harmful bacteria. Whether reheating or cooking, it must be cooked correctly and it should be steaming hot throughout. It’s especially important that any pork, rolled joints, poultry and any food made from minced meat as bacteria can still be found within the middle of these kinds of products. It is not advisable to serve these products pink or rare and they should be steaming hot throughout. However, whole cuts of lamb or beef, such as steaks can be served rare and pink provided they are fully seared on the outside.

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